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Immigration law for north carolina and the world

When you need a change in status, visa or other immigration benefit for yourself, a family member or an employee, you want to work with an attorney who is committed to resolving the problem at hand, one who has the skills to get the results you need.

In the Triad area of North Carolina, the immigrant community has an effective advocate in Gerald Goulder. Goulder Immigration Law Firm of Greensboro brings 35 years of experience to solving a range of immigration problems.

Attorney Gerald Goulder is committed to helping with family-based and employment-based visas and work permits and with guiding clients toward citizenship. He also has experience assisting with deferred action and waivers in advance of issuance of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

How Can We Help? For solutions to your legal problems, talk to immigration lawyer Gerald Goulder in Greensboro, North Carolina at 336-346-8283 — or ask a question using this online form.